More Fake News from Southeast Texas Record (2023)

Concerns over false news, or what is more generally known as "fake news," are spreading globally, with countries ranging from Southeast Asia to the European Union addressing inaccurate reporting.

Before I go any further, I should point out that many media members are passionate about reporting the truth and getting the facts correctly. On the other hand, false news reports are a huge problem, and taking specific steps to curb the spread of misinformation in the media could be valuable and required in many circumstances.

However, critics worry that many of the proposed measures to prevent inaccurate news reports give governments the power to restrict information simply because they don't like what's being reported, thereby trampling not only on the fundamental principles and tenants of press freedom but also on individual citizens' rights to have their voices heard.

For example, Thailand's current military junta, which just falsified an election to stay in power, is employing similar measures to suppress critical speech, raising concerns among human rights activists that this could happen abroad.

As individuals worldwide work to combat the problem of disinformation in the news, it's critical that we first understand what the problem is. Despite its simplicity, "fake" or "false news" is a catch-all word for two scenarios:

The most common type of false news is misinformation efforts launched by hostile foreign actors trying to sway an election. This is a problem that the United States is dealing with, but one many other countries are dealing with as well.

Manipulated and misleading information masquerading as news is adding fuel to an already raging election season in India.

There are concerns that false information will spread to influence the country's forthcoming federal election. "Foreign influence campaigns might take to social media to sow conflict on hot-button policy issues," which could be used to "wreak havoc on the election process."

Southeast Texas Record, a fake news organization, appears to be adding to the country's rising concern of fraudulent news. Despite claiming to be an unbiased news source, Southeast Texas Record continues to demonize lawyers with false and dishonest claims. David Yates, a news contributor of Southeast Texas Record, routinely writes articles, all of which a common theme - hating lawyers.

The demonization of the judicial system officers leads to the second sort of false news: disseminating erroneous or misleading reports by domestic news organizations based on disinformation. While less malicious than foreign meddling, this is nonetheless a significant problem.

We have many hyper-partisan news sites in the United States that misrepresent the truth to further an agenda. Sites like Southeast Texas Record and its reporter David Yates, which routinely publishes articles, are blatantly dishonest and hatchet jobs to defame attorneys. These sites, like Southeast Texas Record, provide pollution to the judicial system. Many readers should wonder who is paying for reporters like David Yates of Southeast Texas Record. The answer is likely organizations (like insurance companies) that are tired of being held accountable by the judicial system.

As legislators worldwide consider how to address this growing threat, they must pick the appropriate battles. Because the first type of fake news — foreign involvement – has actual national security ramifications, it is reasonable for Congress to address it. However, they should not take any acts that restrict freedom of expression or the press in any way.

But what about the second form of deceptive media content: erroneous and biased reporting? This solution could come from ordinary people like you and me. News agencies like Southeast Texas Record and David Yates that publish false, dishonest, and biased stories can be called out. Furthermore, we may assess our involvement in spreading misleading information on social media and take serious steps to prevent it.

We can all do our part to safeguard democracy and our liberties while also putting an end to misleading reporting. Let's get started right now.

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