Is Holly Hills, St. Louis a Good Place To Live? | ZeroDown (2023)

Is Holly Hills, St. Louis a nice place to live? Should I move to Holly Hills, St. Louis? What is it like living in Holly Hills, St. Louis? Find out information on living conditions, demographics, transit options, schools, daycares, things to do, and homes for sale.

Before you even start your home buying search, you’d want to know which area to move to. Several factors can influence the choice of place such as demographics, nearby schools, amenities, local community, and more. If you’re considering moving to Holly Hills, St. Louis, there are several ways for you to identify if Holly Hills is a good fit for you.

Holly Hills: Highlights

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Holly Hills Neighborhood Guide

Is Holly Hills a walkable neighborhood?

Quality of life is subjective and can depend on a variety of things. While some home buyers might want a walkable city that offers ample things to do closer to where they live, others might prefer the suburbs with their tranquil streets, peace and quiet, and proximity to open spaces and nature. For some, the idea of being car-dependent is unacceptable, while for others, a reasonable drive time to their favorite weekend hangout is a dream come true.

Walk Score


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Bike Score


Transit Score


Taking that into account, it would be great to know what amenities are available in the neighborhood, and whether you can complete most of your daily tasks on foot. Holly Hills, St. Louis has a walk score of 65, a bike score of 56, and a transit score of 35.

Public transit in Holly Hills, St. Louis is provided by Metro St. Louis (bus). There are 2 Metro St. Louis bus stops in Holly Hills, St. Louis. The freeway nearest to Holly Hills, St. Louis is I-55.

What are the best schools in Holly Hills, St. Louis?

The definition of a good school can vary depending on what people are looking for - some might be interested in schools which have great sports programs, while others might be looking at schools that are better at preparing kids for higher education. Since perspective can make a difference, independent bodies like Niche assign ratings to schools and are commonly used by parents to make a decision. However, you are encouraged to verify these ratings through other sources including visiting the campus.

It is not surprising to note that places with highly-rated public schools tend to have relatively higher home prices because of the perpetual demand for those neighborhoods. If you have children or plan on having in the future, checking out the nearby schools and their ratings is a good idea. There are 2 B+ and higher rated public elementary schools in the district. Gateway Science Academy Middle School (#182 in state), McKinley Classical Leadership Academy (#154 in state) are among 4 C and higher rated public middle schools in the district. Gateway Science Academy (#38 in metro), McKinley Classical Leadership Academy (#44 in metro), Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience Magnet High School (#27 in metro) are among 4 B+ and higher rated public high schools in the district.

Choosing an area with good school rating consistency is important. While the area you’re looking at right now might have great elementary schools for your young children, it’s well worth examining the middle and high schools they’ll grow up to attend. The nearby elementary school, middle school and high school quality ratings from Niche are very similar. If you have children and desire a consistent school experience as they grow up, this neighborhood may be a good place to plant long-term roots.

School info and ratings provided by

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School data provided as-is by Niche, a third party. It is the responsibility of the user to evaluate all sources of information. Users should visit all school district web sites and visit all the schools in person to verify and consider all data, including eligibility.

What are the activities for kids in Holly Hills, St. Louis?

For households with kids, accessibility to nearby parks, playgrounds, daycare centers as well as highly-rated preschools is key.

Proximity to good daycare centres is extremely important, especially if the parents have a full-time job. For young families in Holly Hills, St. Louis, childcare options include Karate Life Studios, Little Precious Angels Child Care, Kiddiversity Childcare & Dev, and Growing Footprints.

What's nearby Holly Hills?

Whether a neighborhood is a good place to live or not could also depend on the nearby amenities. Having a high walk score means that there are a lot of places nearby like stores, restaurants, coffee shops, schools, and more. While the scores are by no means perfect, they are a good indicator for "stuff to do" around those places. Things like proximity to grocery stores, dining options, and parks can make a huge difference in your daily lives.

There are also plenty of dining options for the residents of Holly Hills, St. Louis. You can grab your morning cup of coffee from Crusoes Original Restaurant. Residents love to order tacos from Mzm Grocery & Banquets Co. and burgers from Mama Gusto's, Stacked STL, or Emmanuel's Family Restaurant. Stacked STL, Mzm Grocery & Banquets Co., or Mama Gusto's are some great spots for a fun dine-in experience.

Holly Hills, St. Louis has quite a few grocery stores including Adventure Learning Center.

Who is the best internet provider in Holly Hills, St. Louis?

A good internet and broadband connection is a must-have, whether you work from home or not.

What are the noise levels and air quality in Holly Hills, St. Louis?

Most often than not, the higher the walk score, the higher the noise. So if you’re an extremely noise-sensitive person and it’s absolutely intolerable, you may need to opt for a neighborhood with a lower walk score.

Last month, the air quality in Holly Hills, St. Louis was good (Air Quality Index, i.e., AQI was 16 for pollutant PM2.5). In 2020, the air quality was bad for 1 days when AQI for pollutant PM2.5 exceeded 100.

Should I buy a house in Holly Hills, St. Louis?

Median Home Price


Median Price / Sqft


New Listings


Home Sold


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There is one important indicator of knowing how good the neighborhood is - the number of homes sold in the past. A high percentage of homes sold in the past say, 5 years could indicate that it’s an up and coming neighborhood with people looking to settle here. At the same time, a neighborhood with low home sales, in spite of getting listed on the market could indicate that current residents are looking to move out. It would be nice to speak to residents of this neighborhood to understand what they loved, or didn’t like about living here.

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7 homes were listed for sale this month in Holly Hills, St. Louis . This is 133% higher compared to last month. 3 homes were sold in Holly Hills, St. Louis this month. 40% less than previous month.

You can also look at several other factors before deciding to make the move. For example, do all the houses in the neighborhood look almost identical? That could mean that the homeowners association might not be the most adjusting. Is there space for parking? Where would your friends and family park when they come to visit you? Your garage could already be full with your own vehicles. How well is the neighborhood maintained? It could help you identify whether you’d want to live next to such neighbors.

Learn more about the housing market in Holly HillsLearn more about Holly Hills in our guide


Is Holly Hills a good neighborhood? ›

Denver's Holly Hill neighborhood named one of 2022's best places to live in the U.S.

What is the best part of St. Louis to live in? ›

Downtown might be the best neighborhood in St. Louis for you! There's no shortage of things to do here, and while tourists will flock to the Gateway Arch and events at The Dome at America's Center, local residents can find all kinds of off-the-beaten-path attractions, restaurants, and nightlife to explore.

What is the safest suburb of St. Louis? ›

Webster Groves, MO – The Safest St.

Louis suburbs — including Kirkwood and Brentwood. One of Webster Groves's most noteworthy distinctions is its impeccable safety record. In fact, in 2021, The National Council for Home Safety and Security named Webster Groves as the safest city in all of Missouri.

What is the best suburb of St. Louis? ›

Louis County suburb was ranked No.
  • for the "2022 Best Places to Live in Missouri" list. Richmond Heights was followed by Clayton in the No.
  • spot and Brentwood in the No.
  • spot. Chesterfield and Frontenac took No.
  • and No.
Mar 14, 2022

What is Holly Hill known for? ›

Holly Hill used to be the home of one of America's most successful rum runners during the Prohibition, Bill McCoy. Sunrise Park is located at the eastern end of LPGA Blvd on a piece of land that juts out into the Halifax River where it was a landing for Bill McCoy.

Should I live in Hollywood Hills? ›

Hollywood Hills is in Los Angeles County and is one of the best places to live in California. Living in Hollywood Hills offers residents an urban suburban mix feel and most residents rent their homes. In Hollywood Hills there are a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks.

What are the nicer parts of St. Louis? ›

The 6 Best Neighborhoods in St Louis for Tourists
  • Downtown St Louis.
  • Midtown & Grand Center.
  • Central West End.
  • Forest Park.
  • Soulard.
  • The Loop (Delmar Loop)
Feb 20, 2022

What is the richest neighborhood in STL? ›

#1-Westwood / Frontenac

The most expensive neighborhood in St. Louis is Westwood / Frontenac. The median home price is $809,511, which is more expensive than 99.2% of the neighborhoods in Missouri and 90.1% of the neighborhoods in the U.S.

What part of St. Louis has the highest crime rate? ›

Generally speaking, the highest volume of homicides, assaults and other violent crimes, property crimes, including stolen vehicles, are concentrated in the downtown area, North St. Louis City (the “near North side” as it's referred to locally), and specific areas of South St. Louis. Many St.

What is the poorest city in St. Louis? ›

(The Center Square) – East St. Louis was ranked the poorest city in Illinois in a 24/7 Wall St.
Poorest CityEast St. Louis
Median Household Income$24,343
Poverty Rate33.4%
Median Home Value$54,500
48 more columns
Jun 18, 2021

What are the safest areas to stay in St. Louis? ›

The tourist areas like Downtown, Forest Park, and the Central West End are the safest places to stay in st Louis.

Is moving to St. Louis worth it? ›

St. Louis is a good place to live for anyone seeking a mid-sized midwestern city nestled in America's Heartland. And located next to the Mississippi River. Here you will find a productive economy, low cost of living, some great colleges and universities, and lots of fun things to do.

How long do you stay in Holly Hill? ›

The length of treatment varies depending on your reasons for admission, your response to treatment and your progress toward your treatment goals. The average length of stay at Holly Hill Hospital is around 10 days.

Is Holly Hill a town? ›

Holly Hill is one of seventeen municipalities in Orangeburg County.

How old is Holly Hills? ›

Founded in 1887, Holly Hill is about 25 miles southeast of the county seat, the City of Orangeburg. According to Census 2010 figures, Holly Hill has 1,281 residents. The total population of Orangeburg County in 2010 was 92,501.

Which celebs live in Hollywood Hills? ›

Deserving of its avian-inspired street names, the most western Hollywood Hills neighborhood, the Bird Streets, soars above the city. Over the years, the area has housed many A-list stars, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Jerry Seinfeld and Jennifer Aniston, to name a few.

How much do you need to make to live in Hollywood Hills? ›

The Table Below Displays All Two-Bedroom Median Asking Rents
NeighborhoodTwo-bedroom Median RentIncome Required
West Hollywood$4,200.00$168,000
Beverly Hills$4,200.00$168,000
Downtown Los Angeles$4,012.00$160,480
85 more rows
Jul 3, 2017

Why do celebrities live in Hollywood Hills? ›

Offering long, winding driveways, state-of-the-art security systems, quiet streets and cul-de-sacs, and the mature landscaping needed to block out tourists and paparazzi, Beverly Hills is a quiet oasis for celebrities and their families. Furthermore, many of the homes in Beverly Hills were built with privacy in mind.

Why are so many people leaving St. Louis? ›

Louis is smaller than the Black population in the 1950s. Today, many are leaving St. Louis for better schools, lower crime rates and greater property values.

What is considered rich in St. Louis? ›

According to the financial website, you would need a salary of anything more than $119,560 per year to be considered "rich" if you live in St. Louis.

Where do millionaires live in St. Louis? ›

The wealthiest suburbs of St. Louis include Ladue, Town and Country, and Clayton. These three suburbs have significantly higher real estate values than other St. Louis suburbs.

Where is gentrification in St. Louis? ›

“Gentrification is a big issue on the near south side and central corridor, and a lot of these neighborhoods have nearly filled up and completely gentrified,” Burleigh adds. “The next stage is Tiffany, the Gate District, Gravois Park, and the state streets.” St.

What city houses the most billionaires? ›

San Francisco has the most billionaire residents of any city, and New York has the most millionaires.

Where are the hoods in St. Louis? ›

Louis dangerous - Neighborhoods to avoid in St.
The 10 most dangerous neighborhoods in Saint-Louis
  • Peabody-Darst-Webbe.
  • Wells Goodfellow.
  • Old North Saint Louis.
  • Academy.
  • Hamilton heights.
  • The City.
  • Walnut Park.
  • Baden.
Jun 9, 2022

Who has more crime St. Louis or Chicago? ›

Overall, Chicago's per-capita murder rate is higher than in New York City or Los Angeles, but is lower than in Midwestern cities such as Detroit, Milwaukee and St. Louis.

Is St. Louis safer than Memphis? ›

The Memphis area's homicide rate in 2020 is 24.2/100,000. St. Louis City had 263 homicides in 2020 with a homicide rate of 87 per 100,000 people.

Why is St. Louis declining? ›

Louis, Missouri, from 1905 to 1980 saw declines in population and economic basis, particularly after World War II. Although St. Louis made civic improvements in the 1920s and enacted pollution controls in the 1930s, suburban growth accelerated and the city population fell dramatically from the 1950s to the 1980s.

Does St. Louis have a homeless problem? ›

The problem of homelessness is increasing in St. Louis, following a nationwide trend.

Are people moving out of St. Louis? ›

LOUIS — It's a trend impacting major cities across the country and St. Louis is no exception. The latest U.S. Census numbers show more people are moving out of the city limits.

What is a liveable salary in St. Louis? ›

Living Wage Calculation for St. Louis County, Missouri
0 Children2 Children
Living Wage$16.14$49.16
Poverty Wage$6.53$11.07
Minimum Wage$12.00$12.00

Does it snow a lot in St. Louis? ›

Snowfall has averaged a little over 18 inches per winter season, and snowfall of an inch or less is received on 5 to 10 days in most years. Normal annual precipitation for the St. Louis are is a little less than 34 inches. The three winter months are the driest, with an average total of about 6 inches of precipitation.

What neighborhood is Holly Hills in Denver? ›

Holly Hills is a suburb of Denver with a population of 2,843. Holly Hills is in Arapahoe County and is one of the best places to live in Colorado. Living in Holly Hills offers residents a rural feel and most residents own their homes. In Holly Hills there are a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks.

Is Holly Michigan a nice place to live? ›

Holly is a great community with many kind and wonderful people and businesses! It has many awesome parades and other events!

Is Holly Ridge North Carolina a nice place to live? ›

Holly Ridge Reviews

Nice little town set halfway between two larger cities. Wilmington close by with nice community and good college centers. Jacksonville close up North with more shopping options. Topsail and Surf City close if you want to live away from the tourists but close to the beach.

Is Hollywood Hills a neighborhood? ›

The Hollywood Hills are a residential neighborhood in the central region of Los Angeles, California.

Where do millionaires live in Denver? ›

Exploring Cherry Hills Village: The Suburban Home Of Denver's Wealthy.

Where do the hipsters live in Denver? ›

Every city has their hipster area and, located just north of LoDo and Five Points, the River North Art District (or RiNo for short) is Denver's. Like most hipster hangouts, this industrial neighborhood is the result of gentrification and sports all the usual flowers and scars of that process.

What is the friendliest town in Michigan? ›

Visit The Friendliest Town In Michigan The Next Time You Need A Pick-Me-Up
  • Ludington is located along the shores of Lake Michigan in Mason County. ...
  • While you might have passed through Ludington on previous adventures or even spent a few days along the beach, there's always more to discover here.
Jan 14, 2023

Where is the nicest place to live in Michigan? ›

Here are the 15 best places to live in Michigan.
  • Ann Arbor MI.
  • Popcorn Wagon in Kellogg Park in Plymouth MI.
  • Harbor in Alpena, MI.
  • Grand Rapids Michigan.
  • Holland Michigan.
  • Saugatuck Michigan.
  • Marquette MI.

Where is the best and safest place to live in Michigan? ›

Safest Midsize Cities in Michigan
RankCityViolent Crimes per 1,000 Residents
1Oakland Township1.5
2Grosse Ile Township2.3
3Beverly Hills1.4
4Hamburg Township2.9
81 more rows


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