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  1. Introduction
  2. Affluent black neighborhoods in Philadelphia
    • Hatfield
    • Olney
    • Rittenhouse Square
    • Frankford
    • Clementon
    • Society Hill
    • Lansdowne
    • University City
    • Manayunk
    • Chestnut Hill
    • Mount Airy
    • Old City
  3. Conclusion


Affluent black neighborhoods In Philadelphia can be found in the city’s northwest and southwest sections. These neighborhoods have a high concentration of African-American residents and are home to some of the city’s wealthiest residents. These areas also have strong community ties and are often well-maintained. Affluent black neighborhoods in Philadelphia offer a unique mix of culture and opportunity. Below is our top 12 neighborhoods.

Affluent black neighborhoods in Philadelphia


Hatfield is an affluent black neighborhood in Philadelphia. The homes are well-maintained and the residents take pride in their community. There is a strong sense of community and neighborliness here, and people are quick to help out their neighbors. The residents are also very friendly and welcoming to newcomers. Hatfield is a safe and peaceful neighborhood, and it’s a great place to raise a family.


The Olney section of Philadelphia is a mostly affluent black neighborhood. The homes are well-kept and the residents take pride in their community. It’s a close-knit neighborhood where everyone knows each other and looks out for one another. There are plenty of activities to keep residents busy, including block parties, BBQs, and community meetings. Olney is also home to some of the best schools in Philadelphia.

Rittenhouse Square

Rittenhouse Square is a historic neighborhood in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is located in the Center City area and is one of the city’s most affluent neighborhoods. The square takes its name from David Rittenhouse, a prominent 18th century astronomer and scientist. The neighborhood became a popular destination for well-to-do African Americans in the early 20th century. This was largely due to its close proximity to the downtown business district, as well as its large concentration of affluent black residents. Today, Rittenhouse Square remains one of the most racially and economically diverse neighborhoods in Philadelphia.


Frankford is one of the most affluent black neighborhoods in Philadelphia. It is located in Northeast Philadelphia and has a population of over 25,000 people. The neighborhood is known for its large homes, well-maintained parks, and strong community spirit.

The homes in Frankford are much larger than the average home in Philadelphia. Most of the homes were built in the 1950s and 1960s, and many of them have been well-maintained over the years. There are also several parks in Frankford, including Pennypack Park, which is one of the largest parks in Philadelphia.

The community spirit in Frankford is strong. There are several churches, schools, and businesses located in the neighborhood, and people take pride in their community. The residents of Frankford come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but they all share a sense of community pride.


If you’re looking for a comfortable place to raise a family, Clementon, Philadelphia may be the perfect place for you. This small, affluent town is located in the heart of one of the nation’s most diverse and vibrant cities. With its well-maintained homes and safe neighborhoods, Clementon is a popular choice for families looking for an affordable and comfortable place to live.

One of the biggest attractions of Clementon is its strong sense of community. The people here are friendly and welcoming, and there are always plenty of activities and events happening in town. Whether you’re into sports, music, or art, there’s something for everyone in Clementon.

The town is also located close to some of Philadelphia’s best cultural attractions. The Franklin Institute, The Barnes Foundation, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art are all just a short drive away.

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Society Hill

Philadelphia’s Society Hill neighborhood is located in the Center City district and is one of the most affluent African American neighborhoods in the city. The neighborhood is known for its large homes, brick streets and well-manicured gardens. The residents of Society Hill are a mix of professionals, artists and business owners.

The neighborhood has a strong sense of community and residents often gather for block parties and other events. There are several restaurants, bars and shops located in Society Hill, making it a convenient place to live. The neighborhood is also close to major highways and public transportation options.

Overall, living in Society Hill is a great experience. The neighborhood is safe, vibrant and has a lot to offer its residents. If you’re looking for an affluent African American neighborhood in Philadelphia, Society Hill should be at the top of your list.


Lansdowne, located in southern Philadelphia, is one of the most affluent predominantly black neighborhoods in the city. The median income is over $100,000 and nearly 60% of residents have a college degree. Lansdowne has a diverse business district with a variety of restaurants and businesses that cater to the needs of the community. The neighborhood also has several parks, a recreation center, and a library. Lansdowne is accessible by public transportation and is close to other popular neighborhoods in Philadelphia.

University City

University City Philadelphia is a gentrified neighborhood in West Philadelphia. It is one of the most affluent and well-educated black neighborhoods in the United States. The neighborhood is known for its large population of college students and young professionals. University City is home to several universities, including Drexel University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Saint Joseph’s University. The neighborhood has a walkable downtown area with restaurants, bars, and shops. University City is also home to a number of parks and green spaces, including Clark Park and Penn Treaty Park.


The Manayunk neighborhood of Philadelphia is located on the Schuylkill River and is known for its steep hills. The neighborhood has a mix of businesses, including art galleries, boutiques, and restaurants. There are also many apartment buildings in the area. Manayunk is an affluent black neighborhood, and the median household income is $60,000. Many residents of Manayunk commute to downtown Philadelphia for work.

Chestnut Hill

Chestnut Hill is an affluent black neighborhood in the northwestern section of Philadelphia. It is one of the most sought-after areas to live in the city, and its residents enjoy a high quality of life. The neighborhood has a rich history and a diverse community, and its residents are proud of their unique culture. Chestnut Hill is known for its strong sense of community, and neighbors often look out for each other. The area is also home to some of the best schools in Philadelphia, which makes it a popular choice for families. Overall, Chestnut Hill is a desirable place to live, and its residents are lucky to call it their home.

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Mount Airy

Living in Mount Airy can be a great experience. The neighborhood is safe and has a strong community spirit. It’s also conveniently located, with easy access to downtown Philadelphia and other parts of the city.

Mount Airy is an affluent neighborhood, so residents can expect to find lots of nice homes and businesses here. The area is also known for its excellent schools, which makes it a great place to raise a family. Overall, living in Mount Airy can be a great experience for those who are looking for an affluent black neighborhood in Philadelphia.

Old City

Philadelphia’s Old City is a neighborhood that preserves the city’s colonial history. The area is home to many affluent black neighborhoods and is known for its nightlife and cultural attractions. Locals enjoy taking walks along the Delaware River, attending events at historic sites like Independence Hall, and browsing the trendy shops and restaurants on Market Street. Despite its popularity, Old City remains a tight-knit community where residents know each other and look out for one another.


In conclusion, it is evident that affluent black neighborhoods exist in Philadelphia. While the neighborhoods are not immune to poverty and crime, they are doing better than most other black neighborhoods in the city. This is likely due to the fact that these neighborhoods have more resources, both social and financial. It is important to acknowledge and appreciate the successes of these neighborhoods, as they can serve as role models for other black communities in Philadelphia.

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